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Surrounding tourist information

  • 【Norikura Plateau neighborhood sightseeing information】

    • Norikura Dake

      Norikura Dake hoping from the entrance of the hotel.You can see the sword peak of 3,026 m above sea level from Norikura Plateau.
      It is Norikura Dake mountain where you can see various forms throughout the four seasons, but from July until mid September you can reach the summit by shuttle bus.
      In the early morning, "Kamenlight Bus" is operating so you can see the sunrise climbing the sea of ​​clouds.Also in autumn you can see Norikura Plateau, covered in gold larch.
    • Ichinose Garden

      Ichinose Garden which can fully enjoy the refreshing wind and nature of Norikura Plateau until mid April to the time of autumn leaves of October when snow melted.
      As soon as the snow melts, a small water basho will bloom in and around the park.
      Around 6 months when it gets warmer you will enjoy the eyes of the guests walking with plants of the plum blossoms and Renge azalea blooming spectacular flowers.
      In summer you can enjoy camping and barbecue in the cool wind of the plateau.
      There are people who enjoy trekking in the snowshoe although they are closed by snow in winter.
    • Norikura Best Three fall(Sanbon Waterfall·Zengoro Waterfall·Bansho Otaki fall)

      There are three large waterfalls in Norikura Plateau.
      Because they are located at different altitudes, they show different figures such as water volume and heading.
      In the place with the highest altitude, 100 people in Japan are selected as a waterfall at Sanbon WaterfallThe amount of water is small, but water like white thread is very beautiful figure.
      Located beside the ski field is Zengoro Waterfall.Spring is a tremendous force in the wide waterfall with lots of water.There are things close to the ski resort and there are many people who visit in snowshoes in winter as well.
      Bansho Otaki fall, located near the entrance of Norikura Plateau, is behind the deep valley and shows the most dynamic figure.
    • Norikura event(Norikura BASE·Tenku Marathon·Mountain cycling)

      It was renewed in 2018 Spring Norikura BASE Igaya recreational land" in the air athletic and mallet golf, putter golf, a variety of attractions such as fishing and experiences workshop are available.
      In addition, Tenku Marathon using the Around Norikura Mountain Peak from Norikura Dake in late June before the opening Norikura Echoline will be held.A high snow wall still surrounds the runner at the side of the road that has just been snow-removed.
      "Norikura Mountain Cycling" will be held in late August, rushing all the way from Norikura Mount Mountain Peak Norikura Plateau to Norikura Mount Mountain Peak.An athlete with her own strength in leg strength comes to Norikura from the whole country at the end of summer aiming for the summit.
    • Mt. Norikura Snow Resort

      The winter Norikura Plateau is closed by the snow.Norikura Dake the road to Norikura Dake and Ichinose Garden is closed, you can enjoy winter sports using abundant snow cover.
      There are many best course skiing and snowboarding, such as the antelope slope which slides down from altitude 2,000 m.
      A sloping condition where everyone is surprised that "This is snowy though it is Honshu!" Will tell you the real fun of winter sports.
      After Golden Week "Haruyama Ski Bus" aiming at the sliding in the residual snow near the summit is also operated and it is the fascination of Norikura that you can enjoy winter sports for a long time.
    • Shirahone Onsen

      There in the place of about 15 minutes by car from the hotel is the Shirahone Onsen Township.
      There are quiet secluded hot spring accommodations quietly in the steep mountains, just like the secret hot spring.
      In the summer, there is a publicly available inunda bath and day trips hot springs are also possible.(As of July 4, 2018 renovation work in progress)
      Also, depending on your inquiry, there are times when you are accepting a day-trip hot spring in winter, so why do not you schedule your journey to extend a little from Norikura Plateau to soak in hot springs?
    • Kamikochi

      Kamikochi of the next morning of Norikura Plateau.It is also famous as the gateway to climbing the North Alps.
      Since Iriyama by private car is prohibited, I change to the shuttle bus at Sawatari Onsen front.
      It is approximately 20 minutes by car to Sawatari Onsen from Norikura Plateau.In summer, a direct bus from Norikura Plateau to Sawatari runs, so please be careful about the operation time in case of using.
      Also, summer is very crowded so please come with enough time.
    • Hida, Takayama

      Gifu Prefecture Hida Takayama, leaving the streets of old towns and Koedo.
      It is approximately an hour and a half from the hotel via the Abo Tunnel.
      Because people in Osaka and Nagoya are on their way to Norikura Tokai-Hokuriku Expressway, so many customers come to Norikura after Takayama sightseeing.
      In order to position on both sides of the Norikura Dake, look at the Norikura Dake exposure to the morning sun in Norikura Plateau, you can also to visit both of Norikura Dake exposure to sunset in Hidatakayama
    • Okuhida Onsen Go

      There are various hot Shin Hotaka Onsen such as Hirayu Onsen and Shin Hotaka Onsen Hirayu Onsen on the side of Gifu prefecture through the Abo Tunnel.
      They are collectively called Okuhida Onsen Go.
      Norikura Plateau Northern Alps seen from the opposite of the Norikura Plateau is visible to Nagano Prefecture side.
      Shinhotaka has a ropeway and there is a spot where you can see the summit of the North Alps at the end.
      Especially on a sunny winter day, you can enjoy the beauty of Fuyama, which only climbers can experience
    • Matsumoto city ​​area

      Matsumoto is also the gateway to the climbers of Shinshu, but there are plenty of sightseeing spots as well as mountain climbing such as North Alps.
      The Matsumoto City city there is a National Treasure Matsumoto Castle, has seen its majestic figure.
      In addition, there are also Daio Wasabi Farm and apple hunting spots in the neighborhood, and there are dotted sightseeing spots by just passing by.