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Information on meals

  • "Dinner", ~ The taste of Shinshu stuck with ingredients and homemade ~

    Please enjoy the meal slowly using the seasonal ingredients.

    Meals are prepared mainly from Shinshu's ingredients and seasonal ingredients.
    Also, as for meals, there is an accommodation plan with "Shinshu Beef teppanyaki" etc. Please contact us for details.

    The contents of the meal may be changed depending on the season, purchase situation and so on.
    Shinshu specialty"horse sashimi" is not for regular dinner.
    In addition, Homemade Nozawana (Japanese leaf vegetable) will be provided in winter, but even if requested, it may not be possible due to weather conditions etc. Please contact us when making a reservation.
  • "Breakfast", ~ Taste with clear air of refreshing plateau ~

  • 【Dining Hall】

    We will prepare the meal in a special restaurant to relax and relax in the room.
    We are also available to order dishes and other dishes so please feel free to call out.
    We will respond to orders such as lunch in case of group, so please inquire us about the menu and price for reservation.
    If you are leaving early in the morning to Kamikochi or Mt Norikura-dake summer, please contact us at check-in etc. as we will also be able to handle breakfast earlier than usual.
  • 【Homemade Nozawana (Japanese leaf vegetable)】

    In this facility, Homemade Nozawana (Japanese leaf vegetable) will be served for dinner from the end of December to the middle of March.
    We will pickle in every employee around November every year.
    We will also provide you with snacks for sake, so feel free to contact us.